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Hope and healing for every child.


Out now! Read our report

2023 KZN Children’s Hospital annual report, read it here

Buy a brick and help build the dream

R125 000 000

30% of our goal ACHIEVED

 R519M / $35M Required


The greatest of gifts is health, buy a brick starting at just R100 and help make the vision a reality. Be a part of building a bright future for the children of KZN, one brick at a time. 

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Empowering children with a voice


“We need the young, we need their voices, we need their compassion”.


Rebuilding Africa’s first dedicated Children’s hospital

A remarkable transformation

A once proud institution that provided care to children of all races, fell victim to neglect. Restoring this institution back to its former purpose is our lifes mission.

Help restore this landmark institution

This Durban Hospital was the first facility in all of Africa exclusively dedicated to children. It was built un 1928 by then Durban mayor Mary Siedle, who wanted to take her child for medical treatment but could not find a place. Help us restore this proud African institution to its former glory

The KZN Children’s Hospital is a centre of excellence… funding is desperately needed to ensure that restoration is completed and the dream to offer care to all disadvantaged and vulnerable children is realised.


Dr Lawrence Mubaiwa
Head: Division of Paediatric Neurology & Child Development University of KwaZulu-Natal

We need the young, we need their voices, we need their compassion


Sir Elton John

Founder: Elton John AIDS Foundation, KZN Children’s Hospital Donor

My vision is for children to have their physiotherapy and other therapy on the beach. I would like the wheelchairs and the beds to be wheeled out there, so I'm going to try build some sort of ramp.


Dr Arthi Ramkissoon

Founder: KZN Children’s Hospital Trust


The children of KwaZulu-Natal need us, and we need you.

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