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Moments in time



Opened in 1931, the KwaZulu-Natal Children’s Hospital (formally the Addington Children’s Hospital), was dedicated to the care and treatment of children, a first in Africa. 


Shut Down

Subsequently, having been shut down by the Apartheid government in 1984 because it offered services to children of colour, the hospital fell into deep disrepair.



In 2010, the KwaZulu-Natal Children’s Hospital re-establishment project was formed to reignite the dream of providing accessible health care to all children in the province.

Rebuilding the past for future generations

Our mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, equitable health care and support to the children and youth of KwaZulu-Natal that is based on scientifically sound methods and technology.


We envision a world-class children’s hospital that is cost-effective, trans-disciplinary, environmentally-friendly and sustainable; and that will be open to all children, adolescents and their care-givers. regardless of economic background or social standing.

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 7.49.51 PM.png

Our primary goals

  • Providing treatment, prevention and care to children and adolescents (including palliative care, rehabilitation as well as psycho-social benefit support services)

  • Supporting the development of expertise and skills in paediatric and adolescent treatment, care and support

  • Supporting community education, mobilisation and outreach in KZN

  • Supporting research in paediatrics and adolescent health


The decision to renovate the Children’s Hospital was unanimously approved by the KwaZulu-Natal Cabinet in 2009, followed by the official launching of the project in July 2010. In order to deliver on our goals, the Hospital restoration project is being managed by a Steering Committee comprising representatives of the KZN Department of Health and The KZN Children’s Hospital Trust.

United in our vision

A little goes a long way

You can be a part of the incredible journey we are on, all sizes of donations are appreciated, start by buying a brick for just R100 and help make our vision a reality.

The KZN Children’s Hospital is a centre of excellence… funding is desperately needed to ensure that restoration is completed and the dream to offer care to all disadvantaged and vulnerable children is realised.


Dr Lawrence Mubaiwa
Head: Division of Paediatric Neurology & Child Development University of KwaZulu-Natal

We need the young, we need their voices, we need their compassion


Sir Elton John

Founder: Elton John AIDS Foundation, KZN Children’s Hospital Donor

My vision is for children to have their physiotherapy and other therapy on the beach. I would like the wheelchairs and the beds to be wheeled out there, so I'm going to try build some sort of ramp.


Dr Arthi Ramkissoon

Founder: KZN Children’s Hospital Trust


The children of KwaZulu-Natal need us, and we need you.

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