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Our vision of the future

To complete the re-establishment, we require the following funds

Old Children’s Hospital



Old Nurse’s Home



Tower Block

New Construction


Prince’s Wing & Central Nurse’s Home

Interior & Exterior


Site Infrastructure

Interior & Exterior




Naming rights are available. Please contact us for further information.

Buy a brick and help build the dream

R125 000 000

ACHIEVED of our R250 000 000 goal

 R87 000 000 Required


The greatest of gifts is health, buy a brick starting at just R100 and help make the vision a reality. Be a part of building a bright future for the children of KZN, one brick at a time. 

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Our restoration journey



Phase 5

Phase 5 includes renovations to the interior of the Old Nurses Home. The ground floor of the three-storey Old Nurses Home building was renovated and achieved Practical Completion in June 2021. It will function as a COVID-19 Isolation Facility for children, adolescents and their families and will ultimately be repurposed as a “Mother’s Lodge”, providing a much-needed accommodation facility for parents/caregivers and their children while the children are attending block therapy sessions at the hospital.


Phase 4

Phase 4 included renovation to the interior of the Old Children’s Hospital Main Building. To date, a number of sections within the building have been renovated.

Two temporary Therapy Spaces, supporting the services of the Neurodevelopment Assessment Centre outpatient facility, were handed over to the Department of Health in December 2016 and December 2020 respectively.

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 10.05.40 PM.png

The Victor Daitz Psychology Centre achieved Practical Completion in June 2021 and the Centre for Adolescent Health is scheduled for completion In October 2021. These facilities will provide much-needed integrated community-based support services for children and adolescents, including specialised counselling services, psycho-social assessment and support, specialised services for HIV exposed children and HIV affected adolescents, as well as supporting health provider skills and capacity building.


Phase 3

This phase comprised demolition of the Old Admin Building, Old Printing Building; preliminary construction of the Bulk Services hub and construction of a 7, 000 square metre basement, including parking for 120 cars. Tenders for demolition work and construction of the basement went out in September 2014. Completion of the basement occurred in July 2016 at a cost of R39,2 million.  Handover of the basement and maintenance thereof to KZN Department of Health occurred in March 2017.

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 10.02.09 PM.png


Phase 2

Phase 2A: Comprised renovations to the roof and external façade of the Main Old Children’s Hospital Building. This commenced in February 2013 and practical completion occurred on April 4th, 2014, three months ahead of schedule at an approximate cost of R15,4 million.


Phase 2B: Preliminary design of bulk services (sewage, water, and electrical sub-stations) occurred in parallel to phases 2A and 2C, extending into FY14/15.

Phase 2C: Comprised renovations to the roof and external façade of the Old Nurses Home to maintain the structural integrity of the building.  Infrastructural work commenced on 8th October 2013 and practical completion occurred on 13th August 2014, six weeks ahead of schedule, at a cost of R10.5 million.

phase 2b.jpeg
phase 1.png


Phase 1

This phase included refurbishment of the Old Outpatients Building, Historical Impact Assessment, Roof Engineer’s Reports, Occupational Health & Safety audits, development of ‘as built’ drawings, and a site survey. Practical completion of the building was achieved on 30th November 2012 at a cost of R15,9 million. The renovated ‘Old Out-patients Building’ (OPD) houses a multi-disciplinary Neurodevelopment Assessment Centre and the KZN Regional Paediatric & Adolescent Training Centre. including a training venue for 40 people, office space for clinical staff and trainers, and the KZN Children’s Hospital Trust offices. The Training auditorium has been used extensively for workshops on a range of child health topics including TB, HIV and IMCI since February 2013. Training of KZN health providers commenced in April 2013 and clinical services commenced on 8th July 2013.

We thank our wonderful donors, sponsors and partners for their support

Donors and Sponsors

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Help restore this landmark institution

The Durban Children’s Hospital was the first facility in all of Africa dedicated exclusively to kids. It was built in 1928 by then-Durban Mayor Mary Siedle, who wanted to take a child of colour for medical treatment but could not find a place. Help us restore this proud African institution to its former glory. 

The KZN Children’s Hospital is a centre of excellence… funding is desperately needed to ensure that restoration is completed and the dream to offer care to all disadvantaged and vulnerable children is realised.


Dr Lawrence Mubaiwa
Head: Division of Paediatric Neurology & Child Development University of KwaZulu-Natal

We need the young, we need their voices, we need their compassion


Sir Elton John

Founder: Elton John AIDS Foundation, KZN Children’s Hospital Donor

My vision is for children to have their physiotherapy and other therapy on the beach. I would like the wheelchairs and the beds to be wheeled out there, so I'm going to try build some sort of ramp.


Dr Arthi Ramkissoon

Founder: KZN Children’s Hospital Trust

Starting from zero

Images taken before the restoration process began


The children of KwaZulu-Natal need us, and we need you.

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